How CURREX® Sports Insoles Prevent Injury & Reduce Fatigue

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Do insoles help prevent injury?

Every athlete knows the importance of a good pair of shoes. Without the right support, comfort, and quality materials, you risk potential injuries that could hamper your performance.

Unlike other sports insoles that interrupt how shoes work, CURREX® dynamic insoles are designed to improve the comfort of your shoes without increasing stress underfoot so you can feel better and move better.

Find out how and what injuries CURREX helps prevent plus why athletes need a dynamic sports insole for next-level performance.

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Why Choose CURREX Insoles for Injury Prevention

For avid runners, sports athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who work on their feet, the right insole can help you maintain your active lifestyle. By optimizing the natural movement of the foot and reducing unwanted pressure, CURREX insoles help fight fatigue and protect against overuse injuries.

Designed by German sports scientists and trusted by professional athletes, our technologically advanced insoles deliver the ultimate in comfort, support, and injury prevention with the following features:

Dynamic Arch Technology™

Our scientifically proven Dynamic Arch Technology, or DAT, is the secret behind how CURREX works. Three-dimensional, flexible support engages the muscles of the foot and works with it, creating sensory stimulation and gentle guidance with each step.

Illustration of the CURREX insole with dynamic arch

In the loading phase, or when the body’s full weight is on the insole, the dynamic arch cradle flattens to enable full muscular activity. In cases of severe fatigue or overpronation, our flexible design leaves enough rigidity to protect against damaging peaks of force.

During the toe off phase, the cradle springs back and transfers saved energy through the muscles and connective tissues of the foot for increased strength. This extreme sensory stimulation reduces stress on joints, ligaments and tendons to prevent overuse injuries.

Highly Customized Support

Athletes need arch support in their shoes to distribute pressure evenly underfoot and reduce overall strain, especially during repetitive movements like running. Most generic sports insoles offer one kind of support, but CURREX delivers highly customized arch support in three different profiles:

  • LOW: Low or flattest arch, most firm.
  • MEDIUM: Neutral arch, moderate flexibility.
  • HIGH: High arch, most flexibility.

man sitting on bench placing red low profile insole into cycling shoe

Each profile has a different shape and flexibility to cater to your foot structure and needs during movement. The right profile will keep your feet in their optimal biomechanical position, reducing excess movement in your shoes to reduce your risk of injury.

By combining your arch profile and leg axis, the CURREX Insole Finder makes it easy to find the perfect insole for your feet and the needs of your sport.

Premium Shock Absorption

Your feet generate a lot of force during activities like running and cycling, but they also take quite the hit. The cushioning in most anti fatigue insoles helps absorb the impact on your feet and the joints in your lower body, reducing the stress that causes injuries like shin splints.

CURREX insoles feature premium, targeted cushioning in the heel and forefoot to boost the rate of shock absorption, leaving your feet feeling comfortable and energized. A layer of full-length, porous foam cushioning helps manage moisture, too, so you can train more for longer.

Stabilizing Decoupled Heel

The three-dimensional support of our DAT design features a critical component for maximum stability on the field: the decoupled heel. Our flexible heel cup provides the perfect fit, wrap and lock to keep the feet stable and reduce excess movement.

Heel cups are important when searching for insoles for ankle pain and sprains. They stabilize the feet in sports with quick lateral movements like pickleball and tennis, while fixing the heel in place for better footing on uneven terrain while hiking.

Movement Specific Design

As the largest line of movement specific insoles on the market, CURREX meets the needs of individual sports and activities with superior comfort and support. We developed our insoles with intuitive design elements like non-slip surfaces, targeted cushioning, and more to give you the advantage on the field, court, or track.

blue insoles, soccer cleats and soccer ball on soccer field beside net

CURREX PICKLEBALLPRO™ insoles secure your movement on the court with extra heel and lateral grip while CURREX CLEATPRO™ insoles for soccer create a non-slip fit for complete ball control. The metatarsal dome on CURREX METPAD insoles is perfect for runners looking for ball of foot comfort in their everyday shoes.

Fix foot fatigue and amp up your daily workout routine with CURREX ACTIVEPRO™ insoles or discover the best running insoles to reduce injury with our best-selling CURREX RUNPRO™ insoles. Whatever your sport or activity, CURREX has the best athletic insoles to help you feel better and perform better.

Common Sports Injuries Prevented by CURREX

Adding a dynamic sports insole to your shoes, cleats, or boots is an effective way to avoid injuries and reduce fatigue. Injury prevention insoles help limit the stress on your joints, ligaments, and tendons so you can avoid injuries in the feet, knees, and hips. Some common injuries CURREX sports insoles can help you avoid include:

  • Plantar fasciitis: By keeping the arch supported and returning stored energy, CURREX insoles reduce strain on the plantar fascia to help prevent plantar fasciitis.
  • Achilles tendonitis: Insoles for Achilles tendonitis absorb shock at the heel to provide comfortable relief from heel pain and limit stress on the Achilles tendon.
  • Ankle sprains: Our deep, decoupled heel fixes the foot and heel in place for a stable foundation that limits unwanted movement.
  • Forefoot injuries: Even pressure distribution and targeted cushioning reduce strain on the forefoot, reducing the risk of metatarsalgia, stress fractures, and ball of foot pain.
  • Shin splints: CURREX are the ideal insoles for shin splints because they encourage healthy biomechanical positioning of the feet and absorb impact forces.
  • Knee pain: Shoe insoles for knee pain like CURREX protect against injuries like runners’ knee by absorbing impact at the feet and encouraging alignment.
  • Calluses and blisters: Good pressure distribution, non-slip surfaces, and breathable materials mitigate calluses and blisters for comfortable wear.

The Benefits of Sports Insoles

Sports insoles are essential for athletes who want to step up their game. With CURREX, you can discover next-level performance without compromising on comfort. It’s all wins, and no losses with advantages like:

  • Enhanced fit and feel
  • Injury prevention
  • Improved endurance
  • Greater heel stability
  • Optimized movement
  • Pressure distribution

woman sitting on stoop placing blue insole into yellow running shoe

Feel Better, Move Better with CURREX Insoles

With CURREX dynamic insoles, athletes get more out of their footwear with comfort and support that optimizes movement and reduces injury. Train longer, run farther, and play harder with the insoles that were made for what moves you.