Find Your Insole with the CURREX® Insole Finder

Need help finding which CURREX insole is right for you? We designed our dynamic insoles to have a highly customized fit for a better feel plus better performance. Driven by what moves you, the CURREX insole finder is the easiest and most accurate way to find the best sports insoles for you. 

Get the most out of the CURREX experience! Take the Insole Finder quiz now. 

How the CURREX Insole Finder Works

CURREX dynamic insoles were specifically engineered for the unique demands of individual sports and the athletes who play them. With our insole finder, we've compiled two decades of research into five short and simple questions plus a full foot analysis so you can find the right insoles. 

During the insole finder quiz, you will choose between nine shoe types and different activities. We’ll use a photo of your foot to analyze your foot type and profile, then tell you exactly what insoles you need. Better performance in your shoes and enhanced comfort plus support is only a few clicks away with the CURREX insole finder. 

What Insoles Do I Need? Take the Quiz & Find Out!

Want better running insoles for a faster mile time? What about insoles for soccer cleats that give you more control over the ball, or an everyday insole that cushions and supports your feet during all that you do? Whatever your sport and whatever your lifestyle, discover what type of insoles you need with the CURREX insole finder.