Everyday Wear

When you need an insole you can wear all day, CURREX® insoles for everyday wear deliver the same quality comfort and support as our sports insoles. Standing for long hours at work or running daily errands while managing foot pain can be difficult. Prevent and relieve aching feet and reduce foot fatigue at home, at work, or on-the-go with CURREX insoles for work, walking, and everyday support.

All CURREX shoe insoles have a dynamic arch and decoupled heel that perfectly forms to your foot and completes your shoe. Browse our collection of everyday insoles to discover the best support in all your shoes. From the enhanced stability or CURREX SUPPORTSTP™ to orthotic insoles for ball of foot pain and ESD-certified work boot insoles, support your feet and get the perfect fit with CURREX.

For help choosing the best shoe insoles for work and everyday, use the CURREX Insole Finder.