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CURREX accompanies all runners on their path to natural running in shoes with a lower midsole. Thanks to the dynamic interaction between foot and insole, CURREX supports the feet and musculature in this “learning process,” thus preventing potential overuse injuries.

No. CURREX does not lead to a doubling up of the support to your foot because CURREX does not aim to straighten the bones in the foot. Instead, it modifies the neuromuscular movement patterns in order to “teach” the body a healthier way of moving.

CURREX affects the sensory functions (sensory perception) of the sole of the foot and adapts the body’s movement towards an optimized running style via the neuromuscular functions, which helps prevent overuse injuries to the ligaments, tendons and muscles. In this way, CURREX gently adapts the body’s movement in the right direction, without being uncomfortable.

It always takes a bit of time to get used to change – and that goes for CURREX too. However, the foot will adapt to it very quickly: even after about 20 minutes, you’ll hardly be able to feel it. This is proof of the gentle neuromuscular stimulation of the receptors in the sole of the foot. In addition, the left and right foot are never exactly the same, so CURREX may initially feel different on each foot. When it comes to using the insoles during sports, we advise you to wear CURREX like a new shoe for one or two days before using it for sports. The same applies to sports competitions – wear it during training first, and then in the competition.

CURREX works together with the foot and adapts to its natural roll-through movement. In the loading phase – that is, when the body’s full weight is borne by the CURREX – the dynamic arch cradle (DAC) flattens and enables full muscular activity. Only in the case of severe fatigue and/or movements such as overpronation does the arch cradle protect against damaging peaks in loading. In the toe-off phase, the DAC springs back and transfers the saved energy myofascially (myo (Gr.) = muscle; fascia (Lat.) = connective tissue) to the plantar tendon, which increases strength in the toe-off phase.

The lifespan of CURREX Insoles is at least 400 to 600 miles, depending on body weight and load thanks to the nylon composite of the DAC. When the top layer of CURREX shows signs of significant wear, it’s time to change your insoles. The outer material is breathable, which, in combination with the special layers beneath, helps maintain optimum moisture management inside the shoe for better durability.

CURREX can be recommended for all sports shoes with removable insoles. They have the same height (4 mm) as existing standard insoles. In cycling and lifestyle shoes (such as Chucks), it depends on whether there is sufficient volume available in the shoe.

Because CURREX does not correct the body’s mechanical movement, there is no difference here to how adults’ feet work. However, it must be ascertained that children’s exercise is as varied as possible (barefoot running, gymnastics and movement of all kinds) so that the body does not experience damage or degeneration in the growing phase.

You can wash CURREX insoles by hand only. First, brush with warm water and mild soap using a nail brush or cloth. Then, leave them to air dry. Before wearing the insole again, ensure that it is completely dry. You can wash your CURREX insole about every 100 miles or as needed. CURREX insoles are not machine washable.

Where to Find CURREX

You can shop CURREX insoles online on the CURREX website where you can shop by activity including insoles for running, adventure, sports, and everyday. You can also buy CURREX insoles at many local running stores or specialty retailers. Use our store locator to find where to buy CURREX insoles near you.

Most running stores and specialty retailers will let you try on CURREX insoles in-store. Use our store locator to find a store near you that sells CURREX insoles.

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