CURREX® METPAD™ Insoles | Insoles for Ball of Foot Pain, Everyday Comfort & Relief

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  • Built-in metatarsal pads in each insole lift the forefoot and distribute pressure to relax the foot, relieving and preventing pain.
  • Dynamic arch support insole with deep decoupled heel cup fits, wraps and locks the foot in place for improved stability, less fatigue, and a perfect fit.
  • Flexible anatomic support underfoot keeps feet comfortably supported during walking, standing, and everyday activities.
  • Targeted cushioning in the heel and toe absorbs shock and improves comfort while relieving stress on joints to prevent injury.
  • Helps manage moisture with ventilated mesh top cover and premium foam cushioning to keep feet dry and shoes fresh.

Healthy feet can benefit from optimal underfoot support. Along with our scientifically proven Dynamic Arch Technology™, CURREX METPAD™ insoles have a metatarsal dome for increased comfort and support that helps relieve ball of foot pain. Our orthotic grade metatarsal support insoles give you a customized fit and feel in virtually any shoe. They deliver better stability, reduce stress on your joints, and cushion your feet from heel to toe. Whether you need walking insoles or a dynamic insole with a metatarsal pad, choose CURREX METPAD for healthy movement.

CURREX METPAD insoles are available in three dynamic profiles for a customized fit in your shoes: LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. These profiles each boast a different shape, arch height, and flex to adapt to your arch for anatomic support and optimized movement. The shape of your foot and your legs determines which insole profile suits you best.

Need help finding your insole type? Use the CURREX Insole Finder to discover the best insoles for walking and every day.

Stay moving throughout the day with CURREX METPAD insoles with metatarsal support, designed to bring you better ball of foot comfort and relief during:

  • Walking
  • Standing
  • Everyday Activities
  • Light Work

Are you a walker or runner looking for better stability and support in everyday shoes? Shop CURREX® SUPPORTSTP™ insoles.


All CURREX insoles have a 60 day guarantee. CURREX will accept returns even if the product has been cut to the customer’s shoe size. See our return policy for more details.

CURREX METPAD™ insoles are engineered with a metatarsal dome that cushions the ball of the foot to relieve pain and support healthy movement throughout the day. With increased stability at the heel, targeted cushioning, and dynamic arch support, these daily insoles help deliver a perfect fit in virtually any shoe.

Benefits of METPAD™

Perfect Fit For stability

1. Deep Decoupled Heel Cup

For perfect fit & stability

Superior Support & Airflow For better comfort

2. Dual Layer Cushioning

Enhances comfort & manages moisture

Metatarsal Dome For anatomical 3D support and fit

3. Metatarsal Dome

For ball of foot pain relief

Break apart diagram of the CURREX METPAD insoles
Shock Absorption For additional cushioning

4. Premium Heel Cushioning

For shock absorption

Adaptive Stability For less fatigue

5. Dynamic Arch Technology™

For enhanced support & less fatigue

Superior Cushioning For relief

6. Targeted Forefoot Cushioning

Provides relief & comfort

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