How CURREX® METPAD Insoles Can Relieve Ball of Foot Pain

New Product by CURREX METPAD Insoles with metatarsal support

Introducing CURREX METPAD for Healthy Movement

From the #1 brand of insoles for comfort and foot pressure relief comes the everyday insole engineered for healthy, pain-free movement. With integrated metatarsal pads that relax the forefoot plus our dynamic arch support, CURREX® METPAD insoles deliver the comfort and relief you need for daily life.

Keep reading to learn more about our orthotic grade insoles with metatarsal support and how you can experience the CURREX difference in your shoes.

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How CURREX METPAD Insoles Work

CURREX METPAD insoles combine our scientifically proven Dynamic Arch Technology™ with a built-in metatarsal dome. This technology-driven design makes shoes fit and feel better with consistent, flexible support plus targeted forefoot cushioning. You get all the benefits of our customized arch support in all three arch profiles plus the relief you expect from an orthotic grade insole with a metatarsal pad.

Here’s what makes CURREX METPAD insoles work for ball of foot pain and everyday comfort:

  • Built-in metatarsal pads in each insole lift the forefoot and distribute pressure to relax the foot, relieving and preventing pain.
  • A deep decoupled heel cup fits, wraps and locks the foot in place for improved stability, less fatigue, and a perfect fit.
  • Anatomic arch support with max flexibility keeps feet comfortably supported during all types of movement including walking, standing, and everyday activities.
  • Targeted cushioning in the heel and toe absorbs shock and improves comfort while relieving stress on joints to prevent injury.
  • Helps manage moisture with a ventilated mesh top cover and premium foam cushioning, keeping feet dry and shoes fresh.

Benefits of CURREX METPAD insoles for ball of foot pain

By choosing CURREX METPAD insoles in the right profile for your arch type, you achieve a highly customized fit that fits virtually any shoe. Find your arch type and the insole that matches with the CURREX Insole Finder.

Our new and improved CURREX METPAD insoles are designed to help with metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neuroma, and other types of ball of foot pain. They feature soft, supportive forefoot cushioning and a design that’s approved for everyday wear. They’re literally made for what moves you.

The Research Behind Insoles for Metatarsal Pain

CURREX METPAD shoe insole with ball of foot cushion and arch support

Your everyday shoes with their factory insoles won’t provide the support you need to move and feel your best. CURREX METPAD insoles are part of our collection of everyday insoles designed to deliver more comfort and support, reduce pressure underfoot, and encourage healthy movement.
In a double-blind clinical trial, research revealed that customized insoles with both metatarsal and arch support relieved pain while walking and improved functional ability for patients with Morton’s Neuroma, a common cause of forefoot pain in runners.
A 2022 study in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy also noted that poor alignment and abnormal pronation of the foot, like overpronation or supination, can negatively affect our biomechanics and result in forefoot injuries.

CURREX METPAD insoles replace the ineffective insoles in your everyday shoes to help prevent forefoot injuries and relieve ball of foot pain from various causes, including abnormal foot movement and conditions like Morton’s Neuroma.

Breaking Down Forefoot & Ball of Foot Pain

An aching, stabbing or burning sensation in the padding under your forefoot characterizes ball of foot pain. This type of inflammation affects the metatarsal region of the foot’s anatomy, which connects the foot and toes.

Athletes in high impact sports like running, soccer or tennis often get ball of foot pain because of intense training, overuse or forefoot injuries. Metatarsal pain can happen to anyone, regardless of your activity level. A few common causes are:

  • Metatarsalgia, or inflammation in the ball of the foot often due to overuse.
  • Morton’s Neuroma, or the thickening of a nerve that runs along the metatarsals, causing pain and numbness.
  • Sesamoiditis, which can cause pain or discomfort in the big toe and is common in runners.
  • Foot structure, such as a low or high arch putting abnormal pressure on the balls of your feet.
  • Stress fractures, often from repetitive pressure on the balls of the feet.
  • Being overweight, as this can put increased pressure on your feet, especially without good alignment.
  • Wearing unsupportive shoes, such as high heels or shoes that are too tight.

People with forefoot pain often turn to orthotics for effective relief and injury prevention. Many healthcare providers, athletic trainers, and physical therapists recommend using orthotic insoles like CURREX METPAD shoe insoles that have a metatarsal pad to take pressure off the ball of the foot.

You can wear CURREX METPAD insoles for Morton’s Neuroma, metatarsalgia, sesamoiditis, and other types of general ball of foot discomfort to aid in healing, provide comfort and relief.

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Who Should Wear Insoles for Ball of Foot Pain?

Insoles and metatarsal pads are a popular way you can relieve pain under the ball of your foot. CURREX METPAD inserts provide the complete support, comfort and stability of an insole with the pain-relieving benefits of metatarsal pads.

If you have ball of foot pain as a runner, want to try insoles for metatarsalgia, or experience aching forefoot pain after being on your feet all day, CURREX METPAD insoles are the best metatarsal support insoles for healthy movement and relief.

CURREX METPAD insoles help keep you moving throughout the day, bringing you more ball of foot comfort and relief during everyday activities include going for daily walks, standing on the job, and working out at the gym.

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Feel Better, Move Better with CURREX METPAD

At CURREX, we engineer the best quality insoles with dynamic support for all activities so you can feel better and perform better. Whether you’re a runner suffering from metatarsalgia, or you need more support in the shoes you wear every day, CURREX METPAD insoles provide ball of foot comfort and pain relief for healthier feet.

Shop CURREX METPAD insoles for ball of foot comfort

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