CURREX® Secret: What is Dynamic Arch Technology™?

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How Do CURREX® Insoles Work?

As athletes, and human beings, we’re always looking for a way to do better. Eat better, perform better, live better. We take what we have, and we improve upon it to make it, and us, the best we can be. CURREX insoles work on that same premise, creating a dynamic, flexible, and natural connection between your feet and your shoes so you can perform better at whatever it is you do.

The science behind CURREX is simple, but also complex. While our dynamic technology boosts performance by complementing what you already have, we’ve taken years of research to engineer an athletic insole for every unique foot type and activity. Keep reading to learn more about CURREX athletic insoles and our Dynamic Arch Technology, the secret to what makes CURREX the best.

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Do insoles help improve athletic performance?

Wearing stiff, uncomfortable shoes and walking on unnatural surfaces can weaken your muscles, creating imbalances that lead to problems with alignment, stability, and even injury. Many athletes resolve this by wearing the best pair of running shoes or cleats they can find. But most shoes are not built to custom fit your feet, leaving empty space in the shoe and a need for a more natural connection.

Stability gives athletes more power, more speed. Without a stable foundation in your shoes, you risk reduced performance and possible injury. CURREX performance enhancing insoles stimulate the 70,000 nerves in each foot to break through muscular imbalances, giving you a connection that optimizes comfort and movement.

CURREX insoles can improve athletic performance by supporting and stabilizing your feet. Shock absorbing materials reduce the impact on your joints to prevent injury and reduce fatigue. CURREX has a specialized design that stays in contact with your foot with each step, stride, and kick without getting in the way.

Red running insoles and gray running shoes on bleacher seating

CURREX Insoles: The Three Profiles

Feet come in different shapes and their structural properties like tendons, ligaments, and muscles, also vary. This creates different arch heights, foot widths, etc. You need an insole that supports the individual characteristics of your feet to help optimize movement.

CURREX dynamic insoles come in three profiles: LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. Each profile differs in three-dimensional shape and flexibility:

  • LOW: Low or flattest arch, most firm.
  • MEDIUM: Neutral arch, moderate flexibility.
  • HIGH: High arch, most flexible.

Low profile red insole, medium profile yellow insole, and high profile blue insole

Each profile has a different 3D design for arch height and flexibility to cater to your foot structure and needs during movement. High arches have more rigid tissues in the foot and need more flexibility to move. Low arches, or even flat feet, have softer tissues and require more support and structure.

These different heights and flexibilities consider the diverse structures of the foot and how it naturally moves for a more comfortable and customized experience. The design helps keep the foot in its optimal biomechanical position and reduce excess motion within your shoes. Find your most comfortable insole by trying one on in-store or use our CURREX insole finder to find which profile fits you best.

Dynamic Arch Support with DAT

The Dynamic Arch Technology, or DAT, is the core of CURREX. It reflects our basic philosophy which is that sport is dynamic. This means there is constant change going on throughout the activity. CURREX insoles support this shift in movement, adapting to the individual athlete to optimize fit, increase comfort, and activate muscles and nerves for better balance.

DAT is made of nylon in a complex injection molding process that uses millimeter precision and dimensional stability to provide the energy absorption and release you need during activity. Our 3D designs are based on evaluations of thousands of foot shapes to give you a dynamic insole that fits perfectly with your foot and your shoe.

Illustration of different foot profiles showing dynamic movement

DAT provides full foot contact, working in natural synergy with your foot while the flexible arch delivers dynamic support. This creates sensory stimulation and guides the midfoot on impact. When released, DAT returns stored energy to your foot to reduce stress on your joints and prevent injury.

Your feet are built to naturally absorb shock with each step. DAT works to complement this rather than interfere with it by optimizing how you move inside the shoe and reducing the pressure you feel.

Performance Insoles for Every Sport & Athlete

We developed each CURREX insole to focus on the needs of the sport and the athlete, because no two are the same. Whether you're a pro on the slopes, a running machine, or a nature loving trail seeker, our insoles have specific materials plus layered construction to suit your activity.

Person placing blue hiking insole into hiking boots

Need narrow insoles for soccer cleats or slip resistant insoles for pickleball? How about cycling insoles that give max power transfer as you pedal, or a pure contact insole for hockey skates that reduces rivet pressure for less pain? CURREX insoles are specifically designed to support the activity you do in the shoes you wear.

Soccer player putting blue soccer insole into cleats

The DAT is present in each of our 12 insole designs with LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH profiles for everyone. That’s 36 diverse, high performance insoles complete with the support, stability, and comfort you need for what moves you from your work boots to your everyday shoes and beyond.

CURREX: The Best Insoles for Athletes

Our advanced Dynamic Arch Technology with three-dimensional support and our highly customized designs make CURREX the best athletic insoles. When you need an athletic insole that helps boost performance, prevent injury, and does the least amount of change to your shoe and your body, choose CURREX insoles – scientifically proven to be better insoles.