Report Calls for Customized Soccer Cleats for Female Players

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Why Women’s Soccer Cleats Need Better Support and How CURREX® CLEATPRO™ Helps

An ACL rupture is a serious knee injury that had several female players leaving the pitch early during the 2023 Women’s World Cup. After this spike in injuries and growing popularity of women’s soccer, the need for soccer cleats that support a woman’s foot shape and biomechanics became clear.

By designing soccer cleats for women and enhancing their fit using CURREX CLEATPRO insoles, women and girls in soccer can have the support they need for better play and fewer injuries.

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The Need for Improved Cleats in Women’s Soccer

A recent report by the British Parliament’s Women and Equality Committee estimated that female soccer players suffer three to six times as many ACL tears as male soccer players. To help prevent injuries and promote player wellbeing, the report called for cleated shoes to be adapted for women and their unique shape and biomechanics.

While soccer cleats alone cannot prevent injuries, the committee cited that comfort and choice among sporting footwear are within every player’s right and a long-term solution is necessary.

In June 2023, the European Club Association (ECA) surveyed 350 female club soccer players in which 82% of women highlighted the discomfort caused by soccer cleats. Survey results also found:

  • A quarter of players felt the current market does not offer well-fitting cleats for women.
  • Two out of five players said the current market does not offer cleats with injury prevention.
  • One fifth of players customize their cleats using soccer insoles to make up for the lack of comfort and poor fit.

Soccer Cleats to Address Anatomical Differences

Most cleat designs are based on the anatomy of the male foot. The research by the ECA included 3D foot scans that analyzed the shape and movement of the female players’ feet. These scans showed anatomical differences in women’s feet compared to men’s including smaller sizes, higher arches, and different heel shapes.

Soccer cleats have a narrow fit that keeps the foot and shoe in close contact for better control of the ball. This design creates small areas of increased pressure on the feet. Because of their foot shape, women experience different pressure loads compared to men.

Without an optimized fit and anatomic support, female players risk discomfort and injuries playing in cleats not designed for their unique anatomical characteristics.

Using CURREX CLEATPRO Insoles for a Better Fit

Athletes who play in ill-fitting shoes face a higher risk of pain and a major disadvantage on the pitch. There is no one-size-fits-all option for cleats, especially women’s soccer cleats. The best way to make any cleat fit and feel better is with CURREX CLEATPRO insoles.

Thanks to our Dynamic Arch Technology™, targeted cushioning, and multiple arch profiles, CURREX CLEATPRO insoles support the differences in women’s foot shape and pressure loads. With CLEATPRO, players can customize soccer cleats for a comfortable, secure fit with anatomic support.

Lindsey Horan, Midfielder and USWNT Captain, uses the high profile CURREX CLEATPRO insoles. Lindsey Horan sitting on bench adjusting socks.

CURREX soccer insoles fit narrow cleats perfectly with a decoupled heel and special grip zones for full contact plus total ball control. By delivering the feel of a custom soccer cleat, CURREX CLEATPRO insoles help reduce fatigue, prevent injuries, and boost performance.

The official shoe insole of United Soccer Leage and worn by professional athletes like USWNT Captain Lindsey Horan, CURREX CLEATPRO insoles can help women’s soccer players achieve a more quality fit so they can always play their best.

Who makes soccer cleats for women?

Several sports shoe brands sell women's soccer shoes, but not all of these brands design their cleats based off a woman's anatomical and biomechanical differences.

Female soccer players have gone to great lengths to achieve a better fit from adult women wearing soccer cleats for kids to carving a hole into the back of their shoes. It wasn’t until 2020 that shoe manufacturer IDA Sports launched the “Classica”, the very first cleat designed specifically for women's feet.

A pioneer in promoting the health and safety of women’s soccer players, IDA Sports spent years researching and developing the design of their cleats with features like higher arch support, a narrow heel cup, and custom stud configuration.

Following the need for higher quality, more inclusive sports shoes, Nike® released the “Phantom Luna” in 2023. These women-focused soccer boots prioritize the needs of female players with larger touch zones, snug ankle support, and a range of arch heights.

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Get the Perfect Fit with CURREX CLEATPRO Insoles

When you feel better you play better. CURREX CLEATPRO insoles help increase confidence on the pitch by reducing injuries and making cleats more comfortable for women’s and girl’s soccer.

Get the highly personalized fit you need and discover the best insoles for soccer cleats with the CURREX Insole Finder.

CURREX is not affiliated with IDA Sports, Nike®, or any other shoe manufacturers. Reference and trademarks used include soccer footwear that CURREX soccer insoles are designed to work with.


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