How Soccer Insoles Help Your Feet and Your Game

Person wearing cleats on soccer field standing with one foot on soccer ball

Should You Wear Insoles for Soccer Cleats?

In soccer, players let their feet do the talking. High intensity movements like running, kicking, and cutting put a lot of demand on your feet and legs, often leading to discomfort and overuse injuries. Wearing soccer insoles like CURREX® CLEATPRO™ can give you enhanced comfort, stability, and control, all of which are essential to avoiding injury and performing your best on the pitch.

Why do my feet hurt when I wear soccer cleats?

Soccer cleats are tight-fitting, firm-soled shoes designed to help enhance traction and ball control. Even the best quality soccer shoes can lack the necessary support to prevent injury or discomfort, which is why many players choose to wear insoles for soccer cleats. Soccer insoles are specifically designed to fit narrow cleats or spikes, unlike conventional insoles.

Man kicking soccer ball with teammates in background

Running, cutting, jumping, kicking, and turning in tight shoes puts excess stress on the feet, ankles, and knees. By correcting the biomechanical movements of the foot and absorbing impact, insoles can help prevent common soccer injuries like sprains, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and more. Many soccer players also tend to overpronate, which soccer insoles with arch support help correct.

It is not bad to wear cleats without insoles as some soccer shoes already provide a secure, comfortable fit. However, if your feet hurt when you wear soccer cleats or you want more support and grip on the field, CURREX CLEATPRO insoles can help relieve discomfort, improve fit, and prevent injury.

Do Professional Soccer Players Wear Insoles?

Many pro soccer players use insoles like CURREX CLEATPRO, the official shoe insole of the United Soccer League. Soccer shoe insoles not only help with foot pain, but also provide comfortable shock absorption, increase stability, and promote better play. These pro soccer players know what it’s like to feel better and perform better with CURREX CLEATPRO:

Professional Soccer Players Who Wear CURREX CLEATPRO

Professional soccer players Jesus Ferreira, Brandt Bronico, Melina Rebimbas, and Kenan Hot who use CURREX soccer insoles

The Benefits of Soccer Insoles

Whether you are on a school team, playing with friends, or training professionally, here are some reasons to start wearing soccer insoles:

  • Make cleats fit better. Insoles provide a more snug fit by filling in gaps in your shoes, making them more comfortable and biomechanically functional.
  • Curb athlete’s foot. Breathable fabrics that manage moisture or humidity in the shoe help reduce sweat, odor and bacteria that can cause problems like blisters or Athlete’s foot.
  • Reduce injury risk. Increased arch support, stability, and shock absorption limit wear and tear on your joints and help correct foot mechanics which can help prevent injury, especially for those who overpronate.
  • Enhance performance. By bringing your foot into a more natural position and reducing pain, soccer insoles can help you play more to your potential.
  • Extend the life of your cleats. Insoles, also called inserts, replace or go over top of the manufacturer’s insole in the cleats. This can minimize the amount of wear inside the shoe.
  • Use in all soccer shoes. CURREX CLEATPRO insoles are designed to fit all soccer cleats from turf shoes to indoor cleats.

Group of women playing indoor soccer

Insoles for soccer cleats are designed differently than running insoles or cycling insoles. They are more narrow with thin cushioning so they fit your cleats while providing support. They also have more grip than an everyday insole.

If you do other sports, like marathon running, golfing, or hockey, wearing high performance insoles for all your activities gives you the comfort and support you need to remain active.

What Makes CURREX CLEATPRO the Best Soccer Cleat Insoles

CURREX CLEATPRO puts your feet in charge on the field of play. Our dynamic arch technology offers flexible support and fills in the gaps in your cleats with a fit that improves foot function, giving you more control on the pitch. From fast turns to precise kicks, CURREX CLEATPRO are the best insoles for soccer cleats because:

  • Multi-profile fit. If you need soccer cleat insoles for flat feet or a medium profile with a narrow shape, CURREX insoles come in LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH profiles to give you a highly customized fit for your individual needs.
  • SuperGrip technology. Our NEO Touch SuperGrip anti-slip technology covers the bottom of your foot from heel to toe in three separate zones to secure your shoe fit and keep you on the field.
  • Performance enhancing layers. Six lightweight layers make up CURREX CLEATPRO, featuring a shock absorbing heel cushion and forefoot padding that elevates speed and propulsion to advance your athletic ability.
  • Heel stabilizing. Our special heel cup design wraps and locks the heel in place for optimal stability with every kick, turn, and stride.
  • Maximum flexibility. The flexible midfoot provides three-dimensional support and dynamic stability all in a narrow design for the best fit for your soccer cleats.
  • Breathable & moisture-managing. A multi-layer design helps manage moisture while our EVA base maximizes air flow to keep feet cool and comfortable.
  • Trimmable shape. Customize your fit by trimming your CURREX CLEATPRO insole to accommodate the length of your cleats and give your foot optimal support.

CURREX blue soccer insoles, soccer cleats, and soccer ball next to a goal net

If soccer cleats hurt your feet, you want to prevent injury on the field, or you need a boost in your athletic game, CURREX CLEATPRO are the best soccer insoles for comfort, support, and stability. Our sports insoles use multiple layers of innovative materials in a dynamic design that helps boost performance naturally. Find the best soccer insole and profile for you by using the CURREX insole finder.

Stay on the Field with CURREX CLEATPRO

The overall quality, performance, and comfort of your soccer cleats depend on the insole inside, which is why CURREX CLEATPRO soccer insoles complete your cleats. The best soccer insoles help prevent common soccer injuries while optimizing motion and control. Run faster and play for longer with less pain and foot fatigue when you choose CURREX CLEATPRO.