Why You Need Insoles in Hockey Skates

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Better Fit, Better Performance with CURREX® HOCKEYPRO™

Every hockey player knows the fit and feel of their skates can affect their performance. That’s why some players spend money and time researching, trying on, or even baking their skates for the best, most comfortable fit. For an easy and effective way to get better fitting skates with enhanced game play, consider the following advantages of hockey skate insoles like CURREX HOCKEYPRO.

Are hockey insoles worth it?

The primary reasons professional hockey players use skate insoles are to improve the fit of their skates, reduce fatigue, prevent injuries, and enhance performance. If you’re struggling with too much heel lift, want to fine tune your edge work, or have flat feet that make it difficult to keep playing, hockey insoles can help you stay on the ice and cut through the competition.

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Can you put regular insoles in hockey skates?

The short answer is no. Most normal insoles are not suited to fit hockey skates and if they do, they are not likely to help with your performance or fight fatigue. Hockey skate insoles like CURREX HOCKEYPRO are specifically designed to fit low profile skates and provide the right amount of comfort, support and rigidity to improve the fit of your skates for a custom feel that doesn’t compromise gameplay.

Unlike regular insoles, insoles for hockey skates are also made to withstand the wear and tear of the intensity of the sport whether you’re running drills, reffing games, or grinding out in overtime for the golden goal. Every piece of equipment you wear can make a difference. You want a hockey insole that’s just as dynamic as the sport.

What Makes CURREX HOCKEYPRO the Best Hockey Insoles?

The best hockey skate insoles conform to your foot shape and have a thin enough design to fit your skates comfortably without adding bulk. CURREX HOCKEYPRO insoles for Bauer® skates, CCM® skates, and other brands are the best insoles for skates because of their dynamic flexibility and ultra slim fit that can upgrade your speed and power with every stride.

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Dynamic Arch Support

CURREX HOCKEYPRO insoles use dynamic arch technology to provide anatomic arch support and deliver a custom fit for players of all ages and skill levels. The 3D dynamic arch evenly distributes pressure to deliver consistent support and stability. Their flexible design moves with your foot as you push off, turn, or stop for faster reaction and more efficient movement across the ice.

Multiple Profiles

Whether you need hockey skate inserts for flat feet, standard arches, or high arches, CURREX offers three profiles to match your exact foot type: LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. They fit easily into all hockey skates with a trim-to-fit design that you can use in hockey skates for wide feet, too. Use our insole finder for a highly customized fit.

Ultra Thin for 100% Contact

CURREX HOCKEYPRO insoles have a super slim fit with zero additional cushioning for 100% foot-to-skate contact, delivering a more responsive feel on the ice with precision control and maximum power transfer.

Super Grip Heel Lock

CURREX HOCKEYPRO insoles feature a decoupled heel and an anti-slip U-ring that locks your heel into place for a perfect fit and better control, preventing issues like heel lift that can disrupt your movement on the ice.

Forefoot Support & Rivet Protection

If you notice ball of foot pain or aching under your big toe where pressure is applied, your rivets might be the problem. CURREX hockey insoles feature complete forefoot rivet protection to help eliminate ball of foot pain for accelerated push off and propulsion.

Comfort Without Interference

High compression fleece makes up the mid layer of CURREX’s three-layer insole for hockey. Compressed fleece adds zero bulk to the skate and aids in thermoregulation with perforations for airflow. You can skate more comfortably and stay connected to the ice.

Reasons You Need Hockey Insoles

Skating can put immense strain on your feet and lower body. Without proper support underfoot, you could experience tight muscles, soreness, knee and foot pain. Lack of arch support during intense physical activity is also known to cause overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and Achilles tendonitis.

Hockey player putting on hockey skates

Hockey insoles can benefit all players whether you’re a seasoned athlete on a league team or new to the rink. Wearing hockey skate insoles can benefit you by:

  • Preventing ankle roll: Hockey skate inserts with a deep, flexible heel cup and semi-rigid arch support help stabilize the ankle and keep the foot aligned to stop your ankles from rolling more than normal.
  • Reducing fatigue: Hockey skates don’t have enough cushion to absorb shock, but a thin insole with arch support helps diminish impact shock to prevent fatigue.
  • Improving balance: Weight that is evenly distributed across the feet reduces localized strain to help with balance and stability.
  • Increasing speed and stride: By aligning your feet with equal pressure distribution, insoles help generate more push and power for a faster stride and better stopping power on the ice.
  • Minimizing blisters, friction & hot spots: CURREX HOCKEYPRO insoles improve the fit of skates, are anti-slip, and have a durable, perforated layer to help with airflow and breathability.

CURREX HOCKEYPRO: The Insoles that Keep You on the Ice

Why let uncomfortable skates hold you back from what could be your most successful season yet? CURREX HOCKEYPRO insoles help you dominate the rink with cutting-edge power and speed, delivering optimum support for what moves you. Because hockey isn’t just a sport, it’s in your blood.