Turkey Trot Dos & Don’ts for All Runners

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Thanksgiving 5K Tips for A Successful Turkey Trot

In the United States, Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for family, feasting, and football. Did you know it’s also considered a national day of running? Across the country, cities and local communities host road races called Turkey Trots attended by thousands of avid runners and novices alike.

Some beginners and daily walkers looking to join in on the fun of racing before the big meal might need some tips on how to prepare. For the everyday runners, weekend warriors, and marathoners, CURREX® RUNPRO™ insoles can help make this Turkey Day 5K your best yet.

CURREX® running insoles and walking insoles like CURREX SUPPORTSTP™ provide dynamic arch support, high performance cushioning, and enhanced stability for everyone whether you're a turkey trotting champion or a one-time racing recruit.

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From the best-selling insoles in the run specialty market, here are our dos and don’ts for a fun, festive, and fast Thanksgiving Day race:

What Is a Turkey Trot?

A Turkey Trot is a community race for participants of all ages and activity levels. Most Turkey Trots are 5ks, equal to 3.1 miles. Some communities throw bigger races including half marathons and 10ks, making them ideal for advanced runners. Additionally, participants can dress up in Turkey Trot costumes from pilgrims to pre-plucked turkey Toms.

Thanksgiving 5ks bring communities, friends, and family together. You can burn off some calories before your feast and run for a cause, as most Turkey Trot organizers donate proceeds to charities. Whether you’re attending the Tofurky Trot in Portland or LA, or running with your dog at the Dallas Turkey Trot, the event is a fun and healthy way to celebrate the holiday.

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10 Turkey Trot Tips for Race Day

If you’re not the one cooking the big meal, you should be good to go for race day. Whether you’re only goal is to make it across the finish line, or you want to make this your fastest Turkey Trot yet, here are our best tips on what to do before and during the race:

  • Pick Your Distance: A 5K is a great distance for beginning runners and walkers. Advanced runners may want to consider longer races if they like more of a challenge.
  • Do Some Prep Work: Start training for your race a couple of weeks before the holiday. This will prep your muscles for the increase in activity and help you avoid injury and soreness. Afterall, fighting Black Friday crowds isn’t so easy with a pulled thigh muscle or shin splints.
  • Get a Flock Together: Half the fun of a Turkey Trot is running with your flock. Invite friends and family to join you or register with a running group so you can all train together. Birds of a feather trot together.
  • Wear The Right Support: You don’t need advanced running shoes for a one-time race, but proper support and cushion will help you avoid injuries and prevent fatigue. CURREX RUNPRO insoles deliver dynamic arch support and shock absorbing cushioning to complete your shoes and boost your performance. For walkers, choose CURREX SUPPORTSTP insoles for less fatigue and added stability with comfort in every step.
  • Have the Right Gear: From the best running insoles to your trusty fitness tracker, have all your gear ready to go on race day. This also includes any headwear, water bottles, moisture-wicking socks, smart watches, or whatever you think you’ll need.
  • Layer Up: Even if you plan on wearing a costume, dress accordingly for the weather. It may be chilly for those up north or on the east coast, so layer up if you’re running the Chicago or Cleveland Turkey Trot.
  • Hydrate: The most important rule for all runners is to stay hydrated before, during, and after the race. This is especially important if you went out the night before for any Thanksgiving Eve celebrations.
  • Practice Race Etiquette: At the starting line, faster runners take their place up front. If you plan on walking most of the distance or all of it, begin towards the back as this will reduce your chances of bumping into other runners.
  • Pace Yourself: Race day will be packed with intense energy and excitement. For first timers, avoid taking off as fast as you can and instead go at a comfortable pace. Save those extra bursts of energy for the finish line.
  • Enjoy the Race: Turkey Trots and Thanksgiving Day races are all about the experience. Join in on the fun with some friends and support a cause you care about all while getting in a great workout before dinner.
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What To Do After the Race

After you’ve crossed the finish line, keep moving for five to ten minutes so your muscles can cool down. Walk around, talk to friends about the race, and do some post-run stretches. Also, take advantage of any complimentary recovery snacks or drinks to replenish and refuel. No worries, you’ll still be starving come dinner time.

How many Americans run a Turkey Trot?

Thanksgiving Day is the biggest day of the year for running in the U.S. While Covid-19 caused many to opt out of the social gathering or even join via virtual racing, Turkey Trot hosts are seeing increasing numbers yet again.

In 2022, there were 756,894 people who participated in 730 races across the nation according to the popular registration platform RunSignup. In total, about $1.9 million was raised for charities.

Is it okay to walk the Turkey Trot?

Most turkey trotters are not seasoned runners and walk most of the distance. It is okay to walk the Turkey Trot. The goal is to have fun, do something good for you and your community, and reach the finish line.

How do I find Turkey Trots near me?

The more runners for these events, the more races hosted in each state. You can easily find Turkey Trots near you by looking at running registration websites, checking your community’s calendar of events, and staying up to date with neighborhood social media groups.

RunSignup, ACTIVE, and Running in the USA are a few popular running registration sites where you can search for upcoming 5ks nearby including Turkey Trots.

CURREX: The Best Insoles for Your Thanksgiving 5K

If this is your first Turkey Trot or your tenth, CURREX RUNPRO and CURREX SUPPORTSTP insoles can help improve your performance from training to race day. By providing a customized fit with dynamic support in your running shoes or walking shoes, CURREX insoles encourage healthy, more optimized movement with each step. Happy Turkey Trotting from CURREX!

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