Do Cycling Insoles Work & Who Needs Them

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How to Amp Up Your Ride with CURREX® BIKEPRO™

Athletes looking to gain a competitive edge and prevent common injuries often turn to specialized sports insoles. Even professional cyclists swear by using quality bike shoe insoles when they want more power to the pedal. But can insoles improve your performance and, if so, does it matter which kind of insole you buy?

For a comfortable, pain-free ride, insoles for cycling help eliminate foot discomfort while taking you further distances at faster speeds. Learn more about how cycling shoe insoles like CURREX BIKEPRO help amp up your ride and protect your feet.

Do Insoles for Cycling Work?

Cycling shoes come with stock insoles, but these often are not enough to support your feet or your ride. By adding arch support to your bike shoes or clip ins, you improve the comfort of your cycling shoes, prevent foot pain and numbness, and enhance efficiency.

Cyclist placing red cycling insole into black bike shoe

The secret to how cycling insoles work is in biomechanics. In bike biomechanics, point-of-contact positioning is where the pedal and your foot or shoe meet. CURREX BIKEPRO uses our Dynamic Arch Technology™ to provide the perfect fit, wrap, and lock. With a zero drop profile that is customized to different arch types, bike insoles help optimize this connection point, improve alignment and stability, and create a more efficient stroke.

Cycling shoes have a snug fit with stiff soles, which helps them transfer more power from foot to pedal. Without sufficient arch support, the balls of your feet take most of this force, causing pain and discomfort during your hours long ride. While firm arch support insoles for cycling help keep the shoes from bending around the pedals, they also redistribute this pressure across the foot and absorb shock for more power and less pain.

Why You Have Foot Pain from Cycling

From picking the right size to adjusting your saddle to the perfect height, we often think that a comfortable ride comes solely from a good bike fit. If you're still experiencing problems like tingling feet or knee pain, however, the cause of your discomfort might stem from your feet.

One of the main reasons cyclists use insoles is to help prevent the discomfort that’s holding them back. Common cycling and foot pain issues that insoles may help correct include:

  • Hot spots
  • Forefoot pain
  • Sore feet
  • Knee pain
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Injuries or pain caused by poor alignment
  • Instability
  • Loss of efficiency

How Cycling Insoles Improve Your Ride

Cyclists need arch support for more than just a comfortable ride. Arch support is essential in preventing overpronation, which can lead to excessive knee movement when pedaling. A stabilized arch stops the foot from collapsing inward or outward under the force of the stroke, keeping the knees aligned and your feet in the right position throughout each revolution.

Cyclist riding down a road

By wearing cycling insoles, you create a more stable riding platform and reduce unwanted movement in your knees, improving alignment and efficiency. The dynamic arch support of CURREX BIKEPRO helps distribute pressure in the foot while enhancing the fit and feel of your cycling shoes, so you can feel better and move better.

Other ways cycling shoe insoles may help improve your performance are:

  • Reducing strap pressure by keeping your heels and feet locked into your shoes.
  • Getting rid of hot spots by redistributing pressure along the rest of the foot.
  • Putting less pressure on the forefoot, preventing nerve compression and numbness.
  • Avoiding injuries from irregular pressure and poor alignment.
  • Stimulating the muscles of the foot and improving circulation, making them great for cycling in the cold.
  • Providing an exact fit that reduces friction and slippage.
  • Keeping your feet cool and comfortable on long rides with breathable materials.

What are the best cycling insoles?

The best insoles for cycling should fit your cycling shoes and your feet perfectly regardless of your arch type. They should be thin and light, so they don’t bulk up your shoes or affect your bike and gear weight. Strong midfoot arch support is crucial in turning power into speed, so you wouldn’t want just any insert.

What makes CURREX BIKEPRO the best cycling insoles is their customized fit, strong arch support, and intuitive design. Available in three dynamic arch profiles including LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH, they’re specifically created to fit your individual foot shape and arch. Find your perfect fit with the CURREX Insole Finder.

Person holding spin shoes with cycling insoles inside

Great for clip-ins, cycling shoes, spin shoes and mountain bike shoes, CURREX cycling insoles were made for thrills on two-wheels and here’s how:

  • Lightweight, high-performance cushioning absorbs the shock of the road for a more comfortable riding experience.
  • Strong, anatomical arch support distributes forces optimally along the entire sole while improving stability and alignment.
  • Discrete metatarsal support delivers maximum power for explosive speed, preventing nerve compression and forefoot pain.
  • Breathable mesh and premium foam help improve airflow and manage moisture for a longer, cooler ride.

With CURREX BIKEPRO, you can experience more stabilized knee movement, better muscle efficiency, and fewer pressure points or hot spots. Power through every revolution, every climb, and every gear change with the best cycling insoles engineered to keep you in the saddle.

CURREX BIKEPRO cycling insoles in three different arch profiles

Perform Better with CURREX BIKEPRO

Cycling is a whole-body workout, but most of the work comes from the lower body and feet. Whether you’re a triathlete or making your way to the top of the leaderboard in spin class, properly supported feet in cycling shoes will help you feel better and perform better. CURREX BIKEPRO insoles are the best insoles for cycling made to help prevent injury and improve performance at every speed and all distances.


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