Choosing the Best Shoes for Pickleball

closeup on a woman’s pickleball shoes as she is playing pickleball

What are the best pickleball shoes?

Every pickler needs a good pair of shoes to support their feet and their game. However, just any tennis shoe won’t cut it. The best pickleball shoes are court shoes designed for quick, lateral movements with insoles that help prevent injuries and improve performance.

Find out what shoes you need for pickleball, which features to look for, and how to level up your game by adding CURREX® PICKLEBALLPRO™ insoles, the official shoe insole of Major League Pickleball.

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Why pickleball shoes?

Pickleball is a dynamic sport played with constant lateral movements, quick sprints, and sudden stops. Agile footwork is key to the game, especially when you’re trying to avoid foot faults, but it puts stress on the feet and lower body that can cause pain, fatigue, or injury.

All sports shoes are designed for the specific activities players do while wearing them. That’s why CURREX pickleball insoles respect the design of the shoe, enhancing its original features, fit and feel to meet the demands of the sport.

Players need shoes that can handle the intensity of the game while supporting their bodies. Features like rubber outsoles, lightweight cushioning, and lateral support help protect against injuries, keep you light on your feet, and stand up to hours of intense play.

What to Look For

When buying pickleball shoes, first look for shoes with removeable insoles or sock liners. Since not all insoles are optimized to meet the demands of the sport, adding insoles like CURREX PICKLEBALLPRO insoles with lightweight cushioning, lateral grip, and dynamic support make your shoes more comfortable without interfering with your game.

men’s black pickleball shoes on a pickleball court with a pickleball paddle, insoles and pickleball

Think about which other features you want to prioritize. Do you want a colorful shoe with a slip-on fit, or a shoe built for performance with extended soles and side-to-side grip? Here is a list of what to look for in the best court shoes for pickleball:

  • COMFORT. The best pickleball shoes still feel comfortable after hours of play. Look for shoes with breathable materials to prevent overheating, large toe boxes that won’t constrict the feet, and lightweight cushioning for a responsive feel.
  • SUPPORT. Shoes with lateral support are crucial for changes in direction. CURREX insoles use Dynamic Arch Technology™ to bend naturally with the foot, providing 3D anatomic support for all foot types and reducing strain, making them the best insoles for pickleball.
  • STABILITY. Good pickleball shoes with arch support and a wide base help stabilize the feet and ankles to help prevent injuries. Choose shoes with solid heel counters and insoles with decoupled heel cups to prevent unwanted movement.
  • GRIP. Strong rubber outsoles with intuitive tread patterns can handle fast lateral movements. For the most secure movement with better control, PICKLEBALLPRO insoles add grip inside the shoe, too, with Super Grip surfaces along the sides.
  • WEIGHT. Recreational players might wear heavier shoes and seek out lighter weight footwear as they learn speed and agility. Since this sacrifices some support, a lightweight pickleball insole helps with increased mobility and protects your feet.
  • DURABILITY. Serious picklers need quality shoes made for heavy play that maintain their performance without wearing out. For long term comfort, choose shoes with toe or heel guards, quality outsoles, and superior cushioning.

The official footwear of the PPA, MLP, and USA Pickleball, Skechers® pickleball shoes have removeable insoles, lightweight cushioning, durable outsoles, and other features great for beginners and elite players. Skechers® Viper Court Pro pickleball shoes for men and women are often rated the best pickleball shoes by pro players and reviewers.

How should pickleball shoes fit?

Pickleball shoes should fit snug, but not so tight you can’t fit your finger behind your heel. Shoes that lack support may not fit right, which can hinder your performance. CURREX PICKLEBALLPRO insoles come in three different profiles to give you the right support with a perfect fit.

Shoes with roomy toe boxes are necessary for playing on the balls of your feet. Pickleball shoes are also made to be wider than normal tennis shoes to accommodate for multi-directional movement and swelling from extended play.

a woman standing on a pickleball court while placing a red insole into a white shoe

What Shoes to Wear for Pickleball

You wouldn’t wear hiking boots to go for a run or play a game of soccer, so why wear any other kind of shoe for pickleball besides pickleball shoes? Wearing the wrong shoes for the sport could result in injury. You need special shoes if you want to play pickleball more than once a week.

What type of shoes are best for pickleball?

The best shoes to wear for pickleball are shoes designed specifically for court sports. Pickleball shoes should feature lateral support from a dynamic pickleball insole and stability and traction control for quick, on-court movement.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes?

The main difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes is the outsoles. Indoor pickleball shoes have non-marking soles that won't scuff the court surface. Outdoor pickleball shoes have rubber outsoles with specialized tread for greater traction under wet conditions.

Can you wear regular shoes for pickleball?

No, you should not wear shoes like cross trainers, running shoes, and walking shoes to play pickleball. They lack the necessary support and have a different tread pattern that’s for forward motion, not side-to-side, resulting in an increased chance of slipping.

Is there a difference between pickleball shoes and tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes and pickleball shoes are designed for lateral movement with gripping outsoles, stabilizing heel cups, and arch support. However, pickleball shoes are different from tennis shoes because they have a tread pattern for better grip along with a wider fit, more flexible upper, and additional rubber in areas of high wear.

Level Up Your Pickleball Shoes with CURREX Insoles

Court shoes with lateral support, lightweight cushioning, and gripping rubber outsoles are the best shoes to wear for playing pickleball. If you want pickleball shoes that will give you an advantage on the court, add CURREX PICKLEBALLPRO insoles for better performance and a more comfortable fit.

CURREX is not affiliated with Skechers® or any other shoe manufacturers. Reference and trademarks used above are top recommended pickleball shoes that CURREX pickleball insoles are designed to work with.


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