Healthy Feet. Happy Trails.

Athletic woman running through city

It’s bound to happen. The more time you spend running trails, the more toll it takes on your body. The blackened toenails. The aching muscles. The misaligned joints. The feet that no longer resemble feet. As trail runners these are the things we accept. It’s the cost of admission to a sport that not only connects us to a bigger and more beautiful world but to one another as well. It’s why when the trailhead calls, we always listen. We lace up our trail shoes. We strap on our headlamps. We adjust our hydration vests. And we go. All day. All night. But as any trail runner would attest, it’s a sport that’s just as demanding as it is rewarding. As such, it’s important to take precautionary measures that help prevent injury, enhance comfort, and boost performance every time you hit the trails. And one such measure is outfitting your trail shoes with CURREX RunPro insoles. As the bestselling, over-the-counter insole, RunPros are available in three arch profiles: low, medium, and high.



Engineered to the latest biomechanics research, RunPro insoles are highly customized, supportive, and allow for natural foot motion. Featuring Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT), RunPro insoles engage foot muscles and work in natural synergy with your feet. Its flexible arch delivers dynamic arch support with the right level of rigidity that creates extreme sensory stimulation and midfoot guidance on impact. Then, when released, it returns the stored energy to the foot. This stimulation reduces stress on joints, ligaments, and tendons to help keep you comfortable on the most uncomfortable of terrain.



Nothing can stop you dead on the trail like a blister. That’s why RunPro insoles feature triple layers for optimum moisture wicking with a special, bamboo mid-layer designed to prevent blisters. What’s more, a deep decoupled heel cup creates the perfect wrap and lock fit that delivers noticeable advantage during foot strike. Our PORON® heel cushion provide maximum comfort and protection on tough terrain while PRORO+ offers unequaled rebound and propulsion to keep you moving efficiently and powerfully. It all adds up to increased comfort, reduced injuries, and enhanced performance every time you find yourself on the trail.


Try Currex RUNPRO insoles and make your next Ragnar event safe, happy and healthy.