Best Running Shoes to Buy This Christmas 2023

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Top 5 Running Shoes as Gifts for Runners by CURREX® RUNPRO™ 

Running shoes are never one-size-fits-all, which can be a challenge when shopping for the best gifts for runners. To determine what shoes to buy, find out whether you're buying for a neutral runner or one who overpronates. You can do so by getting properly fitted at a local running store, or asking the person for whom you’re buying.

To help take the pressure off finding the right pair, we’ve reviewed the research of several running shoe experts to find five of the top running shoes for casual and competitive runners. The following options showcase the best features of each brand along with designs tailored to specific training needs.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, the following shoes from top brands like Brooks®, Saucony®, ASICS®, and On® are some of the highest quality choices for comfort, support, and performance.

From reliable daily trainers to durable trail shoes, CURREX RUNPRO insoles work well with all the following brands. Their perfect fit completes your shoes with a zero heel drop and dynamic support to optimize all running foot strikes. Add CURREX RUNPRO insoles to these top recommended designs for an improved feel and better performance:

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Best Running Shoes for Everyday: Brooks® Ghost 15

Brooks® is best known for producing quality running shoes that suit a range of needs and preferences. Their core lineup includes daily trainers for beginners and advanced runners. The Brooks® Ghost 15 is the best every day running shoe overall for women and men who are looking for high dependability.

The Ghost 15 has a firm feel underfoot with new updated foam cushioning for a lighter feel compared to previous versions. An under-heel crash pad helps improve shock absorption for heel strikers. The supportive footbed, padded collar, and breathable mesh make this shoe ideal for comfortable daily use.

A wide midfoot leaves room for supportive running insoles, making it a great fit for a daily running or walking insole like CURREX RUNPRO or CURREX SUPPORTSTP™ for those who want more cushioning and stability without compromising the integrity of the shoe. Adding an insole can also help improve the shoe’s slightly higher drop and lack of cushioning for forefoot runners.

Best Marathon Running Shoes: ASICS® Novablast 3

From daily trainers to race shoes, the ASICS® Novablast 3 is a versatile shoe for neutral runners who want both speed and distance. Along with an updated tongue that stays put for improved fit, the shoe has a supported heel that helps guide the foot for better control throughout your gait.

A reduced weight midsole with increased cushioning at the heel and forefoot absorbs heavy impact on high-paced runs. Despite the softer-than-average plushness, the shoe has a responsive feel with excellent rebound. Ideal for speed training, a trampoline pod outsole helps channel this bounce for more energy plus acceleration.

The wider midsoles serves as a robust platform that, combined with the narrow toe box, helps create a stable landing platform and efficient toe-off. Add to this the shoe’s grip, durability, and breathable upper and you have a solid shoe for long distances.

Not only are the ASICS® Novablast 3 running shoes great gifts for marathon runners, but these trainers have the perfect amount of room for a performance boosting insole. Together with CURREX RUNPRO, these race shoes offer a flawless and energy efficient fit for every speed and all distances.

Best Running Shoes for Cross Training: On® Cloud X

On® is a Swiss running company that’s currently making waves in the running shoe game with unique technologies and innovative designs. Their patented cushioning involves open rubber or foam tubes in the sole that compress with every stride, absorbing directional impact forces and locking in place for better propulsion. The open design takes off some weight, making On® running shoes great for speedwork and cross training.

The On® Cloud X running sneaker is a versatile shoe that’s great for the gym, reigning supreme during high intensity workouts and interval training. Nimble and breathable, the cross-training shoe can withstand various movements with a thicker, wider sole that increases stability.

While the midsole supports and directs the feet, a reinforced upper adds lateral support. Cushioned interior pads at the heel help lock the foot into place. CURREX running insoles work extremely well with On® running shoes with on par flexibility, rebound cushioning, and controlled power transmission for dynamic movement.

Best Trail Running Shoes: Saucony® Peregrine 13

Attentive to the needs of runners, Saucony® is a running focused brand with a rich industry history in developing high performance shoes.

To navigate rugged terrain and get the best performance possible, trail runners need shoes with excellent grip, protection, and support. The Saucony® Peregrine 13 trail shoes for men and women are excellent trail running shoes with a lightweight feel for speed, agility, and traction.

These trail shoes for neutral runners are lighter weight than previous versions to help maximize speed potential. They feature a light, cushioned PWRRUN foam midsole and a PWRTRAC rubber outsole with a rock guard and 5-millimeter lugs for tougher grip plus protection on varied terrain.

For runners who use gaiters for more protection, you’ll find a convenient D-ring on the upper. The Saucony® Peregrine 13 is available in standard sizes for men and women as well as wide fit sizes. Look for specialty versions like the ST for muddy trails and the GTX, which has a waterproof upper for wet running conditions.

Because the Peregrine 13 shoes are so lightweight, adding trail running insoles can help reduce fatigue, prevent injuries, and boost performance with better shock absorption and a more comfortable fit. CURREX HIKEPRO™ insoles have a silicone heel strip and more cushioning than some running insoles, making them good gift ideas for runners who need more stability and comfort in their trail shoes.

Best Running Shoes for Overpronators: Brooks® Adrenaline GTS 22

Though not specifically designed for flatfooted athletes, the Brooks® Adrenaline GTS 22 trainers often stand out as the best running shoes for flat feet. On its 22nd year in 2023, this long-loved running shoe is best known for its added motion control and light stability features.

The instep is higher and firmer than most running shoes, giving structured support to lower arches while GuideRails in the midsole help “buffer” overpronating feet into alignment without creating discomfort. Some upgrades over the years have included a softer, smoother ride with DNA Loft cushioning, making them great daily trainers for all distance runners.

Historically, the Adrenaline has been noted as a great option for those with flat feet, but can also fit a range of arch profiles. Runners who overpronate need a little more guidance and stability in their shoes to prevent injury and reduce fatigue, which is why CURREX RUNPRO insoles come in multiple profiles. They offer flexible support with the right level of rigidity, great for runners of all foot types.

Looking for a running insole for flat feet or one that supports high arches? Find your insole with the CURREX insole finder and discover the perfect fit for better performance.

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Give the Gift of Better Performance with CURREX

CURREX insoles are the perfect complement to any running shoe whether you’re a marathon runner looking for more support underfoot or a trail runner who needs better stability on difficult terrain. This holiday season, shop the best running shoes that give you or your loved one the performance they desire and include CURREX RUNPRO for a truly dynamic experience.

CURREX is not affiliated with Brooks®, Saucony®, ASICS®, On®, or any other shoe manufacturers. Reference and trademarks used above are some top recommended running shoes that CURREX running insoles are designed to work with.


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